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Music School in English “Smily Village Azabujyuban”

Opening time: 10:00-18:00 Sun. and holidays are closed

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Smily Village

Music management company LPA

which holds enrollment of 4,000 musicians

new opens a music school.

Smily Village

Music management company

LPA which holds enrollment

of 4,000 musicians new

opens a music school.

Do you know what kind of music lesson in Tokyo?
It is like with a good manner calmly in the teacher’s house or a classroom.
Do you try to practice hard to a purpose?
Fundamentally, music is enjoyable sounds.
English is made of “sounds”, too.
When children develop their musical ear, they can develop their ear for English.

Let’s have a session together
in a big music room with large windows.

Students can learn both English and music in our class. In our class, they enjoy making voices together, sounds together. It encourages social development and communication skills.

Instructors are
all professional musicians who speak English.

Listening to good pronunciation in English and real expressive music sounds from professional musicians helps to grow a good ear. We call it “Choiku” in Smily Village.

We are particular about “real sound”

Now that it is so easy to find music through TV and Internet, our life is awash with electric sound. That is why we are particular about “real sound”. Our class with “real sound” and “real English” will help developing children’s linguistic competence and emotional development.

Smily Village Tree

Smily Village Tree

The growth of the person is related on a genes. However good environment is more important.
At Smily Village children can enjoy learning music in a free, playful environment as “Smily Village Tree”.


We have group lessons in vanity kids of instruments and genre.
Children can feel joy through learning and sessions with friends.


We have group session time
and mini recital during the lesson.
We believe that not only having a lot of practice
but also having joy
through sessions with other student are important.
There are monthly concerts by professional musicians.


There is a panoramic view
of Tokyo Tower in our room.
Please use our lounge
with free Wi-Fi
at any time and relax.
We also have space for nursing, changing diapers for children.

Lesson Room1

Panoramic view of Tokyo Tower with cute orange wall.
There is German piano of “WILH.STEINBERG”.

Lesson Room1

There is a panoramic view of Tokyo Tower.
You can play guitars, accordions,
drums, mandolins and so on.

Lesson Room1

A room for private lesson.
A well‐lighted room with windows


You can use our lounge space at anytime.
We also have a space for nursing and changing diapers for small children.