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Music School in English “Smily Village Azabujyuban”

受付時間:10:00~18:00 定休日:日曜祝日


Smily Villageの特徴

Let’s have a session together
in a big music room with large windows.

Students can learn both English and music in our class. In our class, they enjoy making voices together, sounds together. It encourages social development and communication skills.

Instructors are all professional musicians who speak English.

Listening to good pronunciation in English and real expressive music sounds from professional musicians helps to grow a good ear. We call it “Choiku” in Smily Village.

We are particular about “real sound”

Now that it is so easy to find music through TV and Internet, our life is awash with electric sound. That is why we are particular about “real sound”. Our class with “real sound” and “real English” will help developing children’s linguistic competence and emotional development.

About Smily Village